About Us

For people that live in North Carolina, they know that owning a home is a huge responsibility. If they also own a business that is also an added one too. One of the issues that they always need to make sure is working properly is the plumbing. For many people, a good plumber is hard to come by and that is why they need to know that Jason. R is the owner of Queen Charlotte Plumbing since the year 2010.

Jason. R

By practicing his craft over the years, Jason. R is an expert that can assist people with their plumbing needs to make sure that their homes and businesses are safe. Using the latest equipment and the best technology, Jason. R is able to handle any job that comes his way. As a licensed plumber in NC. Jason is fully insured and will complete the job that is necessary. Jason is also aware of the permits that may be necessary and Jason will help the customers to comply with what is needed.

When people having their plumbing needs to be attended to by Jason, they will be satisfied completely with the work that is done. They will also find that the customer service that they receive is excellent. If they have any questions, they will be answered in a prompt and efficient manner, and should they have any issues at all, they will be handled quickly and to their satisfaction. Jason is there for the people that are in need of plumbing help in NC and they will be pleased with the work that is completed.