How Often Should You Replace Your Toilet: 5 Signs To Consider

July 3, 2022
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Jason Ray

The importance of a toilet is very high in every household. It's one of the most used parts of the whole house. Toilets get used regularly, but it still has pretty low maintenance needs.

A toilet is used 10 to 15 times regularly, depending on the size of the family and how many members it has. This is a pretty high use rate for a single part of a house. Imagine how many flushes will happen in a year, considering the regular use of a toilet. It also has a solid structure and does not need replacements that often, even though its high use rate. Some repairs in here and there are enough to keep running the toilets. However, damages or any issues can happen at any time, which may need you to replace the whole toilet.

Most toilets give one or more signs that indicate the toilet needs replacing. That's why you need to know what toilet problems you need to look out for before replacing an entire toilet. Let's have a look at these signs.

How To Tell If Your Old Toilet Needs An Immediate Replacement?

A plumber replacing a broken toilet in the washroom

It does not need a lot of thinking when the toilet operates smoothly. But even the best fitting and best quality toilet need a replacement after a certain period. Most homeowners see several factors that are causing the downfall in older toilets, especially. The followings are some of the most common signs that appear before the old toilet replacement.

Cracks In The Toilet Tank Or Toilet Bowl

If you see the water is leaking on the bathroom floor around the toilets, then it's most probably because of the cracking in the toilet bowl or the toilet tank. This leaking of water comes from the floor beneath the toilets. Sometimes the bathroom does not start leaking immediately but shows a sign of cracks in the bowl or tank. This small crack in the bowl or tank gets into a bigger one and ultimately damages the toilet.

When you clean or wash the bathroom, you should also look for a crack in the toilet bowl or tank. Try to look around the wax seals. Touch the wax seal with your hands and notice the feel of the touch. This usually happens around the base side of the toilet.

Sometimes these cracks and plumbing issues can be repaired. Especially in the new toilet, a plumber can repair most of the small cracks. Cracks do more damage to the old toilets and often time they need to be replaced by a new toilet.

Uprising Water Bill

Older toilet suffers various kinds of problems. Many of its parts do not function well and thus need resources to complicate these lacking. That's why an old toilet requires more water compared to a new toilet.

To pump the extra water from an old toilet needs can cost you significantly more depending on how bad the condition of the toilet is. If you see a sudden spike in your water bill, react quickly to notice how your toilet is performing.

Try to replace the part that is causing the water damage. If the toilet has too many issues, then it's better to install a new toilet. Installing a fresh toilet will be your best solution to decrease the extra cost you were having.

Constant Clogging Happens In The Toilets

Having clogged materials in the toilets is completely normal. It happens in every running toilet, and there is no such thing to worry about. The problem arises when the clogging happens all the time.

How often your toilet gets clogged depends on a few things. It firstly depends on your flush. If your flush is not strong enough, then it won't be capable of removing the required clogs. Removal of clogs by flush also depends on the things the flush is trying to clear. Your drain pipes are also responsible for clogs. Sometimes mineral deposits can be built on the front part of the drain pipes. These mineral deposits on the drain pipe are stuck to the pipe's passing area, and liquid waste faces a hard time passing. To clear out these minerals toilet needs to have a strong flush. Often old toilets have a weak or old flush that can not clear the water line properly.

Professional plumber is installing screws to replace the new toilet seat

Clean the toilet drain pipes with a qualified plumber. If the problem still remains, then you will need to replace the toilet. Try to get your toilet replaced by a reputed plumbing company to have a quality replacement.

The Flush Toilet Runs Constantly

Some toilets constantly run due to the plumbing issues in the flush system. Normally water flows for a few moments in the tank after the flushing ends. But if the water continues to run in the tank, even if the toilet was flushed a while ago, then it never looks like a good sign.

Though the constant water falling makes a gurgling type of noise, sometimes it gets unnoticed as usually everyone leaves the bathroom after taping the flush. Check the water level in the tank. If the water runs continuously, the overflow tube in the tank gets overflows sometimes and drowns the toilet floor.

You can fix the water running by getting the flapper valve replaced. Though there is a high chance that you will face this plumbing issue again when you start using the toilet. If the valve replacement does not fix your issue permanently, then you should think about replacing the entire toilet.

The Toilet Seat Wobbles

A toilet is a stable plumbing part of any household. It should stay static when you sit on the toilet seat. Your toilet seats should not move in any condition. You need to replace your toilet seat if it does not stay tight in its place.

if the whole toilet moves or shifts in places when you sit on it, then it's not a good sign to have. The toilets get connected with bolts or screws. First, try to tighten these bolts by yourself and see if the moving stops. You are good to use the toilet If it solves the problem. Otherwise, you may have to replace your toilets.

Contact a professional plumber. They can repair the defect if the issue is not that big. In more serious cases, they will get your toilet replaced.

Where To Get The Expert Support In Toilet Replacement Cases?

If you want to replace a toilet, you already know that it's a big task. Replacing a toilet was never an easy task. The whole process of replacing a toilet is time-consuming. That's why you need a professional plumber who can handle the task efficiently.

Replacing a toilet can cost you a lot of money. If you want to save some money, you need to get a cost-effective plumbing company that also provides top-notch service.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Toilet?

On average, a porcelain toilet lasts for 15 to 30 years. It could go as high as 50 years if it was properly installed, rightly maintained, and gently used. The life expectancy of a toilet can vary depending on many things. It depends on the condition of the toilet components, toilet usage, and also the quality of the water.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toilet?

A toilet can last up to 50 years. But this happens if you use the toilet properly and clean it regularly. If the toilet is used improperly, it won't last this long, and you would need to replace the toilet sooner.

How Long It Takes To Replace A Toilet?

Replacing toilets is not that hard, and it does not take that much time also. 1 to 2 days is enough to replace the older toilets in the bathroom. It can be a bit longer if you do not have many DIY skills about toilet replacement.

Do Toilets Get Worn Out?

If you are wondering whether your toilet can be worn out or not. Well, toilets can get worn out. When you use a toilet for a long time, the mechanical parts wear out. Rubber flapper can also get dry or leaky after long use.