How To Fix High Water Pressure Problem? Here Are Some Easy Fixes

June 6, 2022
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Whether it is the beginning or the ending of your day, an excellent cooling and calming shower can do a lot to elevate your mood. This happens when the water pressure regulators are well adjusted.

The home's plumbing system determines the water pressure, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. Checking the well-pump to ensure the reading on the pressure gauge is enough, and the plumbing network is also clear of blockage. Ensure the water flow and the pressure reduction valve are cleared and provide consistent pressure on the faucet.

This article talks about the different ways how you can fix water pressure and adjust low or high water pressure according to your preference.

Different Ways To Fix Water Pressure Problems

Water Pressure Rising

There are a few easy and different ways to fix problems related to pressure on the water. Most of these are easy to do and deal with. Without any necessary power tools or professional assistance, some easy and daily maintenance can be the telltale signs of low or high-pressure water.

Clearing Clogged Pipes

Having clogged pipes can lower the pressure of the water output depending on the plumbing of the faucets and other sources. When the clogs are cleared, more water will flow out where the pressure is too high compared to what it was before.

Replacing The Water Pressure Regulator

To ensure a proper and consistent flow of water from the main water line, it is essential to make sure the water pressure regulator is appropriately functional and provides good reading. Replacing the regulator will enable you to adjust the pressure and lower it quickly. Available in any hardware store, changing it will allow you to lower the pressure and reduce the possibility of leaks from the faucet. The water pressure regulator also aids in the pressure gauge's functionality.

Locating And Preventing Leakage

Even the tiniest leakage on a pipe can cause a pressure regulator to misread the pressures from main water lines. These leaks can cause the appliances to malfunction and cause significant water damage to them. Regular cleaning of these lines can ensure the prevention of leakage, water hammer, and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures and provide accurate readings on the water pressure regulator that is being used.

Plumbing System To Adjust Water Pressure

Plumber fixing toilet

To adjust residential water pressure, repair the mainline, or care for your plumbing systems yourself is pretty simple. And you can also grab all the necessary tools from nearby hardware stores. It is best to begin by checking the plumbing fixtures to ensure they are not clogged and have a smooth water flow. Check the shower heads and other faucets for low pressure and water leaks.

With a regular pressure gauge, connect to a water source and measure the water pressure. If the pressure gauge reads below 40PSI, you need to increase the pressure, and if it reads over 80PSI, you need to decrease the pressure. Anything below 40PSI is considered low water pressure. A few reasons could cause low water pressure, such as leaking faucets, pinhole leaks, and plumbing issues on the mainline of the water supply's valve.

Yet, if you think the task may be too complicated for you, then you don't need to worry as our Queen Charlotte Plumbing services are 24/7 available for you. All you need to do is give us a call, and we'll be there in no time.

Purpose Of Pressure Regulator To Fix Low And High Water Pressure Problems

A water pressure regulator and a high water pressure valve are the same things that reduce excess water from entering the house through the mainline. It maintains a certain pressure even through fluctuations. The valve tones down the pressure to a safer level before the water reaches any water fixtures and pipes in the house.

Faulty regulators can cause unnecessary stress on household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. You may hear banging sounds due to the force of water if the installed regulators are not adequately functional.

Any banging noise from appliances or pipes on walls as well as faucets can be common signs of too much force and potential water hammer from a square inch of pipe or wall as well. These can be avoided by getting any regulators from a hardware store that is relatively simple to come across. Simply attach it to the water main pipe and use a water meter to measure the amount being used as well as the low or high pressure on it.

Decreasing And Increasing Water Pressure And Its Importance

As suggested in the international plumbing code, it is necessary to maintain a particular water force for daily use. Neither low nor high water pressure is suitable to use and requires to be supported as you would for people with high blood pressure and prevent them from acquiring neither too high nor too low of it.


Shut down the main water line and add a water regulator. The locking nut needs to be screwed counter-clockwise using a wrench and a quarter-turn motion. The screwdriver will be the tool used to turn counter-clockwise, which will eventually decrease the water pressure and determine when the pressure is too high.

Once you have turned the pressure down, it is essential to recheck everything. Make sure the lock nut on the regulator is in place, and after an accurate reading on the water pressure gauge, slowly open the water line and ensure whether the pressure reduction valve worked or not.


Increased water pressure can be comforting and relaxing used in the bathroom. However, high water spikes the water bills and may lead to pipe bursts in some cases. Then again, lower water pressure can be irritating to use to clean dishes or fill up a tub to bathe in.

Similar to decreasing the water pressure using a regulator and water gauge, use the wrench and turn it clockwise to increase the water pressure. Use a regulator and a water pressure gauge to make sure the pressure is below 80PSI. Beyond this limit could cause wear and tear to pipes in a few seconds.

Its Importance

It is vital to maintain a proper plumbing system for the home's water pressure, whether for water heater, washing machine, or to prevent wasted water and reduce water damage on tall buildings. Lower pressures can also cause microdroplets to accumulate and seep out of the pipe, which may lead to leakages.

The importance of high water pressure could be efficient cleaning and improved bathroom experiences without spending more money on pumps. It also reduces showering times while thoroughly cleaned in a shorter time.

What Causes These Fluctuations In Pressures?

Water force may fluctuate due to clogged pipes, trapped air bubbles, and leakages in the pipe. A tiny hole in the waterlines can allow for the air bubble to seep in and expand very quickly, which may cause uneven force in water as it comes through a pipe.

Prolonged use of a water heater can also cause air bubbles to trap in the pipe and splutter droplets of water that may be highly uncomfortable due to the water's inconsistent and uneven temperature.

Home's Water Pressure Requirements And Needs

Our experts at Queen Charlotte Plumbing recommend that an average household have 40-60 PSI of water for day-to-day use. These are the standardized pressures from the water main lines. Anywhere below 40PSI is considered to be lower water pressure, and anywhere above 60PSI is high water pressure, as suggested by the experts and other plumbing companies.

For an average household, going beyond 80PSI could cause potential water hammer at any sudden time and may spew water out like fire hydrants that could cost your water bill to spike really fast.

Even if hot water heaters are being used daily at a house and using appliances that require water, it is recommended not to have high water pressure beyond 80PSI and lower than 40PSI as it is just enough for any household.

Bottom Line

For any type of service required to fix high water pressure problems, feel free to reach out to us for a thorough analysis and in-depth cleaning and servicing of the pipe and any plumbing issues. Our team of professional workers is available at your services upon your need, whether it is for a regular check-up on low or high water pressure or requiring annual servicing.


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