How To Get Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal: Some Simple Steps To Follow

July 16, 2022
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Whenever there is a plumbing need, the first thing that comes to your mind is calling a professional plumber for help. When you think of the solution of how to get a glass out of the garbage disposal, calling a plumber might seem like the best option. We are always here to fix your plumbing issues, but there are certain things that you could do before our help arrives.

You need to act as quickly as possible when a glass break on your kitchen sink. The broken pieces of glass are harmful enough to ruin the disposal blades. Through this article, you will get to know how to pick up glass pieces safely from the disposal. You can take the help of the tools like a broom with a long head attachment, an Allen wrench, kitchen tongs, etc., to remove broken glass.

Knowing some essential plumbing hacks will save your day! We always want that your home appliances remain safe, and you do not need to call us. This article will introduce primary hacks to remove broken glass pieces from your garbage disposal. Garbage disposal accidents are common, but you need to be careful before taking any step because one wrong step can ruin the machine.

Why Is It Important To Remove Pieces Of Glass From A Garbage Disposal

A broken glass on a kitchen sink

No matter how hard you try not to break your glasses or dishes while washing, you will eventually break one. It is common for people accidentally break their dishware while cleaning them. So, garbage disposal accidents happen frequently, and the homeowner must remove the glass to avoid carefully to avoid further danger.

Once a glass in broken on the kitchen sink, it is easy for the glass shards to make their way inside the garbage disposal. If you are not careful enough, the broken glass might ruin the disposal blades. Garbage disposal with damaged blades is of no use as it won't be able to clean the leftover food. So, make sure you do not damage the garbage disposal of your sink while cleaning them.

The Steps You Should Follow To Remove Broken Glass

The broken glass pieces can be the result of disposal failure. So, it would be best to take out even the small pieces of glass before your disposal fails to work. You need to be careful to remove each piece of glass without damaging the garbage disposal. The following steps will help you clean the glass pieces like a professional service.

Turn Off The Power Switch

It is essential that you turn off your garbage disposal power button before you start cleaning the glass pieces. Turning off the machine is a must to avoid further accidents and damage. You have to unplug the power cable of the garbage disposal to turn off the power. Once you have done the cleaning, you can turn the power back.

Use Needle Nose Pliers

You must not start the cleaning process with bare hands. It is too risky to put your hands into the garbage disposal. It is obvious to encounter an accident if you are not careful while picking up broken glass from the machine. So, you better manage some tools like kitchen tongs or needle-nose pliers to pick up the larger pieces of glass from a garbage disposal.

One can use a big raw potato to pick up the bigger pieces of glass from the bottom of the disposal. Choose a large potato that can easily go through the disposal and reach the bottom of the machine.

You have to push the potato from the opening of the disposal and continue pushing multiple times until it reaches the bottom surface to pull up the large pieces of glass. One might need additional potatoes to finish picking up all the pieces of glass from a garbage disposal.

Unblock Glasses From Blades

Once you finish picking up the larger pieces of glass, the next step is to unblock the blades. Sometimes small pieces of glass block the disposal blades and prevent the machine from working. Use a hex key to remove broken glass shards from the disposal blades.

Move The Blades Manually

Sometimes, the glass falls so deep that it is hard to reach them with tools like a broom handle or an Allen wrench. As you cannot turn on the power switch, you might need to move the blades manually to remove the remaining glass pieces. You can find the glass hidden under the disposal by moving the blades manually.

Remove The Small Pieces

After removing the larger glass pieces, it is time to work on the smaller pieces. To remove the small pieces, you will need a shop vac. A shop vac is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that pulls up the broken glass from the bottom of the disposal. In the case of a double sink, you should cover the other sink to maximize the suction.

Turn The Power Back

When you complete picking all the glass shards from the disposal, turn on the power switch. It might happen that your garbage disposal is not turning on. In such a case, you have to unplug the unit again and reset the machine. Look for the reset button that stays on the bottom of the disposal and push the button to reset the device. After resetting the machine, insert the plug to reconnect the power switch.

The final step to repairing your garbage disposal is to put cold water into the disposal to run down the drain. First, put some cold water and then turn on the machine. This process will help to wash out the remaining glass pieces through the unit. While doing this, keep your face away from the disposal or cover the disposal with a plate to avoid glass shattering.

Call Out For Professional Advice

A plumber taking out glass peices from the garbage disposal by using tools

After completing all the steps of cleaning shards of glass from your garbage disposal, you might need a professional service if you are still facing problems. Sometimes, seeking professional help will save your machine from getting damaged.

You can fix your garbage disposal up to a certain point. But when the situation gets complex, it is best to call a plumber's company for help. We, the QUEEN CHARLOTTE PLUMBING, are always ready to fix your problem. For any plumbing needs, you can reach us and get the best service in town.


How do you get broken glass out of a garbage disposal?

There are some hacks to remove broken glass from the disposal in a safe way. Firstly, never touch the disposal with your bare hands. Instead, always use tools like a pair of needle-nose, broom handle, duct tape, or kitchen tongs to pull out the broken glass. Also, instead of turning on the machine, you should manually move the disposal blades to pick up the small pieces of glass.

Will broken glass ruin garbage disposal?

Yes, a broken glass can get into your sink's garbage disposal and damage the whole system. The smaller pieces of broken shards are dangerous enough to make garbage disposal non-functional.

Can I vacuum glass?

It is not safe to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the glass pieces from the disposal. Instead, you can use a safer shop vac than an ordinary household vacuum cleaner.


Garbage disposal accidents happen whenever you are not careful enough and break your dishes on your kitchen sink. The tiniest piece of glass can damage your disposal, and that is why you must know how to get a glass out of the garbage disposal. Starting from an Allen wrench, a pair of needle-nose, kitchen tongs, etc., can help you in the process of cleaning the disposal. This article describes the cleaning method of glass pieces from garbage disposal in a safe way.

If you are in need of professional service to fix your garbage disposal then QUEEN CHARLOTTE PLUMBING is there for you. You can visit us at 8424 Old Statesville Rd Charlotte NS 28269 or call us at 704-707-3339 for your plumbing needs.