How to Unclog a Toilet With No Plunger in Charlotte

August 6, 2021
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Queen Plumbing Charlotte

According to Murphy's Law of Toilets, whenever a bathroom can clog, it will clog. Normally, when a toilet clogs you'll just grab the nearest flange plunger and get to work. However, what happens when you can not do that? Maybe you just moved into a new place. Perhaps you're at your plunger-less friend's house. Or, who knows, maybe your dog just ate your previous plunger! ...or something in Charlotte.

It doesn't matter why you do not have a plunger. What's what you are going to do next. Obviously, you're going to want to unclog the toilet even with no plunger. Fortunately, this is not as hard (or gross) as you might suspect! In fact, you will find several amazingly easy ways to clean up even demanding clogs with no plunger. Here are the ones you need to try first:

#1 Hot Water

First, grab a big bucket of hot water. Important note: you want hot, however NOT water. Boiling water could crack the porcelain of the toilet bowl. Rather, simply fill a bucket with the hottest water your tap can offer. Pour that water into the toilet bowl until it's almost full and let it sit.

The heat should help break down any solid waste enough for the toilet to flush it down. If this doesn't work, do not worry --just proceed to the upcoming methods. The"hot water trick" is just the place to get started.

#2: Dish Soap Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte

Squeeze a lot of dish soap into the bowl. Allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. The soap will help break down any solids. It'll also lubricate the bowl and also plumbing themselves, making it simpler for the clog to slip into the drain. Once you use the dish soap, try the"hot water trick" again. Pour a kettle of hot (not boiling!) Water to the bowl. Let it sit , this time for around thirty minutes.

Once you give the water and soap time to unclog, try flushing . If that still hasn't solved the problem, try repeating this procedure again. You could also try letting the dish soap sitting more --even all evening!

#3: Epsom Salt

If you just happen to possess Epsom salt lying around, you're in luck. Pouring Epsom salt to water causes a chemical reaction which produces the water start to fizz and bubble. All that fizzing and bubbling can seriously help dissolve clogs.

Pour a hefty level of Epsom salt into the bowl. Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes, then try to flush. You need to see positive results after the first flush. You might also combine this technique with the dish soap and"warm water trick" for good measure.

#4: A Wire Hanger

Here is the most direct way to clean a clog. If you have tried heat and chemical reactions without achievement, it is time to achieve right in. Unfold a wire hanger, stick it in the toilet bowl, and wiggle it about in the opening.

This might be kind of gross depending on what the clog entails, thus we recommend wearing gloves. Be careful not to accidentally damage the toilet bowl while you're working. Wire hangers can scratch up porcelain if you're too rough or non-discriminate.

When you've unclogged your toilet successfully, you will find a couple of things you ought to do. First: go out and buy a flange plunger. These plungerless methods will do in a pinch, but they're no substitute for the real article. Next, figure out why your toilet clogged in the first location. Can this happen a lot? If it does, it might be because there's a more significant problem with your home plumbing.

If that's the case, you ought to get in contact with the pros at Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte. We are going to take a look at your house's plumbing and determine why you are dealing with these clogs. We will be able to help be certain that you don't want that new plunger for a while.