Plumber Indian Trail NC

Plumber Indian Trail NC

Do you reside around the Indian Trail NC and you happen to be having second thoughts about your plumbing or feel the need to give it proper maintenance? well, you don't need to worry anymore for we are here to satisfy all of your plumbing needs.

About Us

As a family-owned plumbing company in Indian Trail NC 28079, We are in the business of providing top-quality plumbing services in the home and work building that would definitely be the perfect solution to your plumbing issues. we boast of a team of professional plumbers who possess experience in any plumbing project and are trained to render plumbing services such as water leak detection, Tankless water heater issues, pipe repair, gas line leaks drain cleaning, hot water heater Services, and more plumbing repair services to solve any other plumbing problem you might have regardless of the type of building. we work round the clock so you don't need to worry about any unexpected issue, we will always render emergency service as soon as you call us. We also give free estimates to our clients for every job. So why hesitate? Give us a call via our business phone number and let's do a great job and give you the best plumbing experience you can get.

Plumbing Maintenance and Services We Offer at Indian Trail, NC

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Having problems with your drains can really stress you out, so why not hire Indian Trail plumbers? Hiring Indian Trail plumbers gets the stress off you and allows you to relax. You also get to enjoy a professional plumbing job, so why don't you leave all the hard work to us and give you top-quality service? Let's clean your drains, We will surely give you the best drain cleaning services you can ever ask for at a fair price.

Water Leak Detection

Putting aside your home or work location, water leaks in your plumbing system can be nerve-wracking, especially if not detected on time. Our company provides experienced plumbers with the skill that lets us perform high-quality water leak detection in your plumbing system and perform the necessary repairs. Let us perform the required plumbing repairs and put your plumbing in perfect condition. we also render emergency plumbing service to our customers.

Repair and Replacement Sewer and Water Line

Contamination of your drinking water is mostly due to your water and sewer line getting damaged. this is one of the reasons your plumbing problems should not be taken lightly and this is why we are here. We at Queen Charlotte Plumbing prioritize any plumbing problem with your sewer and water line and ensure we get them resolved as soon as possible. We put in the quality work and help repair water and sewer lines. give the best plumbing and customer service all-around North Carolina. So why hesitate? You too can enjoy quality 24 hours service, contact us today.

Installation and Repair of Water Heater

Have you been noticing problems with your water heater an need it fixed? or perhaps you have been thinking of installing a new water heater in your home? Well, worry no more for the plumbers in Indian Trail NC have got you covered. You get a plumber or plumbers who will get your tankless water heaters and regular water heater repair done in no time. We plumbers in Indian Trail NC also offer assistance in selecting and installing an affordable water heater. We help you select the best water heater that your budget can accommodate. Hire us today for a full service.

Toilet Replacements and Repairs

If you are working on a building project either as a home owner or any of your businesses, you will need to hire plumbing contractors for your toilet installation. Also, if you might happen to have a problem with your already installed toilet system. Don't worry, we are equipped enough to handle any toilet related plumbing issue you might have and give you the best service you always wished for as a customer regardless of your location in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Call us today and let us wow you with our superb plumbing services.

Plumbing in Indian Trail NC 28079

Licenses given to plumbing companies in North Carolina tend to be restricted to either commercial or residential services due to the lack of skills for both fields. Unlike other plumbing companies, our plumbers in Indian Trail are well rounded and experienced. we are equipped enough to serve and offer plumbing service for your home or business.

Perks of Hiring our Plumbers in Indian Trail NC

Dependable service

Our plumbing company is one which you can bank on in time of need so regardless of when and where you have a plumbing issue in North Carolina, you can rest assured that we will get to you and resolve your issue. plumbing repairs should not be delayed by any means which is why we endeavor to not just arrive but also do a perfect job that will leave you astonished.

Flat rate Prices

Plumbing can be very costly at times which is why we feel the need to make our customers aware of the prices. You get to have a quote of the likely costs before the job is done by a plumber so you don’t get caught off guard with unexpected expenses.

Plumbing Maintenance Round the Clock

Worried about an unexpected problem with your plumbing and dont know what to do? What you should do is reach out to us, we are always available to attend to your needs round the clock. Plumbing issues should not be delayed and calling us will ensure it is fixed immediately, so why hesitate? Hire our services immediately.


We are always ready to serve you 24 7 and our response rate is as fast as possible so we don't leave our customers hanging. our service areas are Mint Hill, Matthews, Charlotte NC, and more surrounding areas in North Carolina. Let us fix up your tankless water heaters and resolve other plumbing problems you might have in your homes at affordable prices You can call us via our phone number or check our zip code online. Don't forget to follow us on all our social media pages.