Plumber Pineville NC

Plumber Pineville NC

Do you happen to have a plumbing problem and in search of plumbers in Pineville NC, or have a new construction project and need some commercial plumbing done? Well, Plumbing systems are essential parts of any construction, so you need to make sure they are in top condition, which is why we, the Queen charlotte plumbers have got your back. Let's give you the best plumbing services you can get in Pineville, North Carolina.

About Us

As a family-owned plumbing company in Pineville NC, we have a team of plumbing experts who have the required experience and have been trained to render plumbing services such as water leak detection, pipe repair, drain cleaning, hot water heater repair, and other plumbing repair services to solve any other plumbing problem you might have regardless of the type of building. We are devoted to ensuring the satisfaction guarantee when providing solutions to the plumbing needs of our customers. With our experience of over 10 years, we give our clients all over North Carolina the best quality plumbing solutions to any plumbing issue they might encounter. Some of these issues can be unexpected so you can depend on us to render any emergency service round the clock. Plumbing systems are vital and we know that which is why we ensure we do the best job in performing plumbing repairs in any location in Pineville NC and surrounding areas. So, if you ever encounter plumbing issues or you have questions about our plumbing services, be sure to call us.

Plumbing Services We Offer in Pineville, North Carolina

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Having problems with your drains can really stress you out, so why not hire a plumber in Pineville? Hiring Pineville plumbers, will give you less stress, and you get to enjoy a professional job, so why don't you leave all the hard work to us and give you top-quality service? Lets clean your drains, We will surely give you the best drain cleaning services you can ever ask for

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Do you feel something is wrong with your water heater and need it fixed? Have you been thinking of installing a new water heater in your home? Well, stress no more for the Queen charlotte plumbers in Pineville NC have got you covered. You get Pineville plumbers who will get your water heater repair done in no time. Our plumbers in Pineville NC also offer assistance in water heater installation based on your request. Hire our company and let's give you the best quality water heater services you can find in Pineville NC.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Proper maintenance and installation of your garbage disposal are essential for your kitchen so it can work effectively. Your garbage disposal keeps your kitchen sink in good condition which makes it an important aspect of your kitchen and a faulty one will likely give you a lot of stress. We, Queen charlotte plumbing are here to handle all repairs and installation of your garbage disposal. Our plumbing contractors are also available to help you select the best garbage disposal you can afford. Hire our services and lets do a great job in offering you the best plumbing service you can find, Call us today.

Installation and Repair of Your Sewer and Water Lines

Do you have damages incurred to your water and sewer line? Damages incurred to your lines will likely affect your plumbing, and the same thing goes for your sewer line. Damages to your sewer line can be very critical because your drinking water will get contaminated easily, which can be bad for your health and everyone else so why not let's handle it. We are guaranteed to professionally handle all plumbing issues with your water and sewer line fast and with ease, so you don't have to go through the stress. Let's handle the plumbing repairs of both lines while giving you the best customer service you can only dream of.

Toilet installation and repair

From any toilet repair job to the installation of new toilet systems, we are capable of doing them all. Our plumbing experts have experience in giving you top quality services. We can also help you find an affordable toilet model and install it the day you contact us.

Plumbing in Pineville NC

Many plumbing companies are restricted to either commercial or residential plumbing services but not both simultaneously. This is mainly to cover up for the lack of skillset and give quality service. Getting a plumber in Pineville NC, who operates in both commercial and residential areas is a bit rare. Most licenses are given for just one category but with us, you do not have to worry about anything. You get to enjoy our plumbing service regardless of the area, be it at home or work. Let's use our 10 years of experience to give you high-quality plumbing work in all areas of Pineville NC.

Perks of Hiring our Plumbing Services in Waxhaw NC

Consistent prices

Our pricing is set to make you aware of the costs before the arrival of the plumber. This means no surprises due to hidden charges or unexpected or other unexpected costs.

Consistent service

Hesitating to reach out to us for your plumbing needs because you called us before? Well don’t sweat it for our Charlotte plumbers are available to respond and serve you 24 7.


We will always be at your service so be sure to hire us and let's give you the best customer service for your businesses and family. let's handle all problems with your plumbing systems the way a professional would so you get a better heat source with you quality water heaters, solutions to all tankless water issue, drain cleaning in Pineville NC, and much more. Our service areas are within the mint hill, Charlotte NC, and any other community in NC. We have a PO box in which you can drop a message and aside from the PO box, you can also reach out to any queen plumber via phone, email, and our page.