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Do You Need Drain Cleaning In Charlotte NC

Queen Charlotte Plumbing provides Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area with superior drain cleaning, maintenance and protection services.

Most people in Charlotte, NC, don’t give their drains and indoor plumbing much thought until everything stops working. The problem is that most of the major catastrophes caused by faulty drain lines can be avoided. This is where Queen Charlotte Plumbing steps in to provide the preventative maintenance service that keeps your toilets, drains and sewers clean, clear and functional.

As the qualified sewer, drain and toilet specialists in Charlotte, we have a skilled team of specialists with the equipment, experience and passion for excellence to keep your home or commercial location running smoothly.

If you have been searching for a “sewer and drain cleaning company near me” in Charlotte, NC, call us today at 704-707-3339 and schedule top-level sewer and drain cleaning services.

Main Sewer Drain Cleaning Special in Charlotte for $93.00 or Free

There is nothing as awful as having a backed up sewer drain, which is why Queen Charlotte Plumbing provides a fast response. We provide cleaning, clearing and repair work to homes and all types of properties in Charlotte. We are the experts in the physics and function of drains and have the skills to clear all blockages and restore systems to full functionality.

As a matter of fact, we are so confident in our capacity to clear all blockages and perform all needed restoration work that we offer main sewer clearing service for a fee of $93.00 or completely FREE.

Our Main Sewer Drain Clearing Includes:

  • Specialized camera probes to descend the pipes and locate the sources of the blockage
  • Puncturing the blockage and releasing the flow of wastewater

But, if we find that the blockage is being caused by something more serious than a mere obstacle, for example breakage in the mainline, then our main sewer drain cleaning services will be completely free.

This attractive deal is something we offer exclusively to first time customers and is only really useful if the main sewer drain is affected by a clog. If you would like to schedule this service for your home or learn more about the services we provide to domestic plumbing, call Queen Plumbing Charlotte at 704-707-3339.

What are the Signs that a Camera Sewer and Drain Inspection are in Order?

There are some important reasons that a camera inspection should be used in your sewer lines.

  • The home is older than 10 years and has never had this service performed before.
  • If you are buying a home that is older and you want to prevent any unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • You have begun noticing there are some serious problems beginning to stir in the bowels of your home. Slow sluggish draining, clogged toilets with a slow flush and backed-up tubs.

If you have noticed any of these tell tales signs of sewer lines in disrepair, waste no more time. It is time to pay attention to the needs of your home and apply the necessary services that will keep your property in working order. Call Queen Charlotte Plumbing at 704-707-3339 to schedule your Camera Sewer Drain Inspection.

What to Expect From Video Camera Sewer & Drain Inspections in Charlotte?

The entire plumbing process was turned around with the advent of small cameras that can be dropped into the drainage systems to explore and examine their conditions. This makes it easy to inspect a subterranean drain without having to excavate the area. During such an inspection the plumber will insert a small camera into the drainage systems from the sink, tubs, showers and other drains. By examining the images fed back to the monitor, we can get a better idea of what your drainage systems need for optimal function to be restored.

Sewer & Drain FAQs

At Queen Charlotte Plumbing, we believe that a happy customer is a well-informed customer. For this reason we are eager to provide information and instruction on our services and how you can best protect your indoor plumbing systems. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our valued customers.

How Are Sewers Cleaned?

We will use state-of-the-art equipment and specialized diagnostic devices to ensure that your bathrooms, sinks, toilets, shower stalls, bathtubs and drains are all kept in top-conditions.

If there is a stubborn obstruction to the flow of your wastewater, we have the tools to make short work of that as well. With a powerful hydro-jetting or rodding tool, we can easily dislodge the obstacle and restore the function and flow of your indoor plumbing.

After we have addressed the problem, we are not done yet until we have provided a full inspection of your home's drainage system to ensure that everything is done just right. If there are any spots that remain problematic, we will take care of those as well at no extra cost to you.

Call Queen Charlotte Plumbing at 704-707-3339 to schedule your drain cleaning services in Charlotte today!

What Is the Difference Between a Drain & a Sewer?

The drainage system is the part of the plumbing system that takes waste water from the various receptacles of your home and deposits them in the sewer. Drains flow from sinks, tubs, toilets and more. If there is a backup at any one of these points, it could be caused by debris and foreign objects flowing down the pipes. This most often includes:

  • Hair
  • Things your child flushed down the toilet
  • Paper products
  • Grease
  • Other foreign materials

The sewer system is another part of the indoor plumbing infrastructure that takes the waste water from the drains and deposits them in the local sewer mains. Anything that goes down the drains or toilet will eventually find its way into the sewer mains.

Therefore, the obstructions here can be many and varied. Often tree roots will begin growing through the cracks in the sewer lines and this can cause serious obstructions as well.

Can Toilet Paper Clog a Sewer Line?

Despite the fact that most toilet paper is supposed to dissolve in water, toilet paper can still be a part of many different types of clogs. This will typically happen in these situations:

  1. When using extra-thick toilet paper that is not easily process
  2. When using too much toilet paper is used with each flush

In addition to toilet paper gumming up the works, some items that are marketed as “flushable“ are actually (spoiler alert) “Not flushable” to any extent of the definition, this goes for wipes to feminine products. This is why it is so important to use the waste bin as much as possible for things that are not absolutely 100% flushable. It is the little particles that lead to greater blockages.

Can or Should I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners to Clear Clogs?

Even though you will find a great deal of chemical agents at your local supply store, as professionals in modern indoor plumbing we suggest you refrain from this course of action. There are several reasons that the illicit use of chemicals is a poor choice in addressing clogs and blockages.

For one, it is really a quick fix that weakens the blockages through a powerful chemical attack that virtually melts the obstacles away. You can only imagine what effect these potent chemicals will have on the pipes inside.

Furthermore, dumping chemicals down the pipes simply means that more toxic waste is being released into the environment. In both the short term and long term, it is not a good idea to use these chemical solutions to clearing drains.

The best course of action would be to call in the professionals with years of experience in cleaning and clearing clogged drains. At Queen Charlotte Plumbing, we have the skills and the professionals to ensure that your pipes and plumbing are given proper attention that improves their function now and eliminates the chances of disrepair and blockages later on down the line.

Don’t let clogged drains and blockages in your home be a source of trouble or pain, call in the professionals with a swift solution. If you are facing clogged, running or leaking toilets in Charlotte or the surrounding area, call Queen Charlotte Plumbing today.

Call 704-707-3339 and get in touch with the professionals from Queen Charlotte Plumbing contact us to arrange a full inspection and cleaning for your drainage systems.