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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance in Charlotte by Queen Charlotte Plumbing

For over 10 years, Queen Charlotte Plumbing has been providing superior garbage disposal services in Charlotte. We have assembled a fine team of experts with a working knowledge of how these devices function. These machines can be especially tricky to service and for this reason we recommend having your devices serviced and maintained by an expert service technician in order to ensure their longevity.

At Queen Charlotte Plumbing, our team of specialists are well-experienced in all manner of plumbing systems and components, garbage disposal repairs are one of our specialties though. We have made a name for ourselves as one of the leading providers of garbage disposal maintenance services. If you have been experiencing any troubles with your garbage disposals, speak with us right away.

While the mechanisms are perfectly designed and require expert attention, the garbage disposal is really not a complicated device. Basically, it consists of a powerful motor and a chamber containing the rotary blades that shred food and other bits of materials that come down the sink. If you are concerned that your garbage disposal is not working properly, you may need to call in the professionals. Here are some of the pointers you should consider before calling in Queen Charlotte Plumbing to address your garbage disposal issues.

A Few Things to Understand about Garbage Disposals

Just like any other mechanical contraption, garbage disposals are susceptible to all kinds of problems and there is no telling when a disruption to their proper function can occur. If water is no longer going down the drain, this problem could be caused by a malfunction in the garbage disposal. Remember to never place your hands down the disposal shaft as this could be very dangerous, there are sharp blades in there.

One of the more common issues with a garbage disposal is that the unit has overheated. In this case, the unit may just need to rest a bit. Look under the sink at the garbage disposal itself, there should be a small red button that says “reset”. Press the button and see if the disposal works. If not, you may have to locate the circuit breaker box and flip the switch from there.

Is your disposal making noise but not actually performing its function of shredding food? This could be due to a blockage. Don’t place your hands down the pipes as this could lead to injury. Even if you think the problem is easily resolved, placing your hands down the tubes is an invitation for serious injury.

If there is a leak in the vicinity, it could be coming from the garbage disposal, but more likely it is coming from the adjacent pipes and drains. Call in our team of professionals to deliver an expert diagnosis.

Garbage disposals must be properly suited to the kitchen they are serving. Because they are used so frequently, they tend to see disrepair. If you will be replacing your garbage disposal and need help to select and install the perfect option for you. Call up our team and we will be happy to make some recommendations you will greatly appreciate.

We Won't Leave You Hanging

Call us right away at the first sign of a flaw. We get a lot of calls regarding garbage disposal issues in Charlotte because these devices occupy a very important place in the home, the kitchen sink. This also means they see a lot of action, and because not everyone is an expert in garbage disposal care and maintenance, they don’t always see the proper care and attention they deserve.

One of the biggest mistakes many people will make is stuffing large objects, bones and other hard devices into the disposal. This can cause all kinds of damage, but no matter what the problems, we have solutions to restore your garbage disposal to full functionality.

There are some things that should simply never be allowed to enter the garbage disposal. For example potato peels, rice or pasta should not be admitted. This also goes for corn husks, popcorn kernels, onion skins or shrimp shells. As a matter of fact, try to throw as much as you can into the trash and save your garbage disposal for extra work.

How To Handle Issues With Your Garbage Disposal in Charlotte

If you are facing difficulty with your garbage disposal, you may feel the urge to call in the professionals but this may not be necessary. There is a good chance that you can restore your garbage disposal yourself with a little attention. First, if there is no sound coming from your garbage disposal, there could be an electrical failure.

Check the rest button on the unit itself. After pressing the ‘reset’ button, if there is still no power in the disposal, you may need to check the breakers. If flipping the breakers doesn’t restore power, then your disposal unit may really be broken.

Charlotte's Leading Plumbing Company: The Experts in Garbage Disposal Repair

At Queen Charlotte Plumbing we are the experts in garbage disposal repair and maintenance and can keep your disposal unit working in perfect order. We have an excellent reputation and extensive experience in the maintenance and repair of these special machines. Our repair technicians are fully prepared to help you out if you are facing a faulty disposal unit.

If you will be looking to get a new disposal unit for your kitchen sink, call us to help. We can make a good recommendation on the most durable and valuable option on the market and help you install it as well.

For all your garbage disposal needs in Charlotte], call Queen Charlotte Plumbing at 704-707-3339.