Water Line Repair Charlotte NC

Water Line Repair

All plumbing installations, both commercial and residential, are comprised of water lines. Some of the lines are supply lines that deliver fresh, clean water from a city connection or a well, and other lines are waste lines that drain contaminated or gray wastewater from your business or home.

Despite these differences, all of the plumbing lines at some point will need to have Charlotte water line repair.

Why Must Copper Water Lines Be Repaired?

This type of supply pipe is corrosion-resistant and naturally anti-microbial as well. However, it is important to note that there is a big difference between being corrosion-proof and corrosion-resistant. If your business or house is an area with hard water, then corrosion can take place inside of the pipes. It is the result of the lining being stripped of its mineral-rich water supply. It takes place when the mineral deposits contained in the water brush against the lining of the copper pipe and leave behind small, scratched areas. Those scratched areas will then start to corrode from the inside to the outside. Pinhole leaks are left behind by the corrosion.

One pinhole leak will not doom your entire plumbing system, it just needs an easy repair. However, if you constantly need to schedule Charlotte water line repair for copper water supply lines, it might be time for you to consider re-piping the lines.

PEX Pipe - A More Affordable Option

For water supply lines, the PEX pipe is another suitable option. This type of pipe is made out of high-density polypropylene plastic. It is easy to install and highly flexible, but non-corrosive as well. It also does not burst in very low temperatures and is a lot more durable compared to copper. The expected life expectancy of the PEX pipe is more than 50 years.

The only notable drawback to PEX pipe is it cannot be installed outside. That is mainly due to the fact that when it is exposed to sunlight, there is a high risk that it will break down. Also, if the pipe fittings are not properly installed, it can cause serious leaks down the road. Although PEX pipes are not prone to rust, they frequently leach plastic by-products into water, and that results in the water having a strange taste. Due to the pliable and soft nature of PEX, the pipes can easily be chewed through by thirsty rats.

How Do Know If Your Water Pipes Need To Be Repaired?

There are a number of different signs that you must look for in order to determine whether or not you need Charlotte water line repair, reduced water pressure can be a sign that you have a supply line leak. Damp sheetrock, floors, and ceilings can be a sign of a leaky drain or leaky sewer main. Water pools and sinkholes in your backyard can be an indication of a leak in the sewer under your foundation or your main supply.

All of the signs above need attention from experienced and skilled plumbing professionals. They are able to effectively diagnose and repair any plumbing problem. You should definitely try to undertake water lines repair as a DIY project. Also, under Texas state law, only licensed plumbers are allowed to conduct this type of work.

If I Am In Need Of Water Line Repair, What Should I Do?

Call a professional plumbing service immediately that can diagnose your water line leak and repair it. Since 2010, Queen Charlotte Plumbing has been helping clients with their Charlotte plumbing problems. They are well-known for their quality of service and expertise.

If you need any Charlotte water line repair, contact an experienced and licensed Queen Charlotte Plumbing professional today!

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