Installation Of Dimmer Switch Wires: Everything You Need To Know

April 22, 2022
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Have you been tired of paying a large number of monthly electricity bills? Upon installing dimmer switches, you can significantly bring the electricity bill down. By using a dimmer switch, you can save 40% on your electricity cost and lengthen the life of your bulbs. Dimmer switches change the amount of light produced by an electric bulb.

They are commonly used in residential and commercial establishments to conserve energy and control lighting. You can install a dimmer switch to control the environment in your home. You might be wondering by now how you can install a dimmer switch. As you proceed through this blog, you will be able to know how to install a dimmer switch and an insight into it.

The Materials You Require For Installation Of A Dimmer Switch

There are several materials required for the installation of a dimmer switch. These include:

  • A Flat Head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Voltage tester
  • Wire stripper/cutter
  • Materials Required
  • Dimmer switch
  • Wire connectors

Selection Of The Type Of Dimmer Switch

Implementation of Dimmer Lighting in the common space of a residence

You should figure out what kind of light will be connected to the dimmer. The bulbs must be compatible with the dimming switch and the bare copper wire to get the best results. Then, add up the wattages of all the lights connected to the dimmer and the ground wire.

With two 75-watt lights, for example, you have a total load of 150. You need a dimmer that can handle at least 150 watts of power from the electrical box. Lastly, the kind of dimmer you need will depend on the type of switch mounting screws you have.

Removal Of The Old Switch

Before you touch the original light switch, ensure that the electricity supply to your fuse box is turned off. After doing this, double-check the light switch to ensure that the energy has been turned off.

If you intend to use the switch again, you should create a replica of the switch plate. Now, put the original away in a secure location. There are dimmers available that are designed to fit standard plates.

Check that the replacement dimmer package you bought is the appropriate size by measuring. Remember to measure it against the one you already have and compare the results. By opening the dimmer switch, you can remove the rubber coating from the wire connector. To have a good seal, you need to expose at least one to two inches of the copper wire stripper.

Remove the old switch from the wall by unwrapping the wires of the switch and light fixture. You may double-check the current-voltage levels by checking the wires with a voltmeter.

Installation Of A Dimmer Switch With Single Pole

The majority of light switches are of the single-pole variety. They are responsible for distributing all of the electricity supplied to a single pole dimmer switch. A single-pole switch is the type of switch that only has one button or switch. It may be used to turn lights on or off.

There will be a hot lead wire, a ground wire, and a traveler wire for a single-pole switch. These three wires will make up the switch. The electrical system might only consist of a hot wire and a ground wire in an older house. Before proceeding, your circuit needs to have at least three wires to function correctly. When installing wiring in an older or historic home, you may need to take additional safety precautions.

Do you live in an older home that only has a single-pole switch? The dimensions of boxes have evolved as well. Use a measuring tape to determine whether or not the space taken up by your dimmer switch is adjustable. First, with the aid of a box cutter, enlarge the hole in the drywall in preparation for installing the new switch.

Check to see that the main fuse box has been turned off and that the electricity is turned off! Connect the ground wire to the appropriate wire on the gadget you are using by using the ground wire. To function correctly, you will first need to connect the ground wire to the wires located at the bottom. Then, you need to proceed on towards the center of the dimmer.

After you have wrapped the wires, you should then attach a plastic wire cap to the ends of each one. You have to do this to give a secure connection and a seal. Needle-nose pliers are extremely helpful when working with wire in limited spaces because of their pointed noses.

After this has been completed, connect the red lead wire to the hot lead wire. Then, cover the connection with a screw cover to keep it in place. The remaining traveler wire in the wall can typically be recognized by a white or black rubber covering. It should be linked to the final black wire in the circuit.

Finish the procedure by putting in the caps. Using a wire cap can prevent the last wire from tangling up with the other wires.

Installation Of A 3-Way Dimmer Switch

Enables the use of three independent switches to control the brightness of a single bulb. These are more common in newly built homes. But you can also find them in homes built in the mid-20th century. A 3-way switch's wall outlet has four wires that allow it to connect to another switch or outlet.

These wires are labeled a ground wire, a hot lead wire, and two travelers. Make sure that the plug to the main fuse box is removed before starting. The first thing you need to do is connect the ground wire and the ground wire of the dimmer.

To function correctly, you will first need to connect the ground wire to the wires located at the bottom. Then, you should proceed on to the center. After completion, connect the red lead wire to the hot lead wire. Then, cover the connection with a screw cover to keep it in place.

Installation Of The New Switch

Installing a new dimmer switch

To make room for the dimmer box, carefully maneuver the wires within the box until they fit, taking care not to jumble any of the connections. Use wall screws to secure the new box to the wall where it will be located. Remove the previous light plate to finish the installation and ensure a secure fit. However, you can also use the one included with the kit or replace it with a new one.

Remove any objects that may be blocking the switch, then activate the energy coming from the main fuse box. The light gradually becomes dimmer as you flip the new dimmer switch on and off. Verify that nothing has been tampered with by checking all of the outlets.


What Kind Of Bulbs From Electrical Box Can Be Used When It Comes To Dimmer Switches?

Dimmer switches can be used with incandescent and halogen light bulbs with a circuit tester, which is compatible. On the other hand, CFLs and LEDs are catching up and performing as well as incandescent bulbs, thanks to recent advancements in lighting technology.

Is Special Wiring WIth Ground Wire Necessary For Dimmer Switches?

You'll need to connect the green grounding wire or green ground screw on new dimmers to a grounding source if you have one. Almost all houses with wires wrapped in plastic have bare copper ground wires. These wires will help you to connect to the toggle dimmer switch.

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