Water Leak Detection Services

October 22, 2020
 | By 
Jason Ray

A leaky faucet or bathroom is clear to recognize and quite straightforward to repair. However, not all water flows are so simple. Leaks coming from buried pipes or plumbing concealed inside walls pose unique challenges. Do not dig up your lawn or have a sledgehammer to your toilet walls just yet!

A slab escape is a leaky pipe situated beneath your home's concrete slab or basement flooring. This unfortunate place makes slab escapes difficult to find.

But, There Are Many telltale signs:

  • The noise of running water, Though your taps and toilets Aren't running
  • Wet carpet, flooring, or concrete flooring
  • Wet or muddy drywall on the lower floor of your home
  • A mould odor in your cellar
  • Skyrocketing water invoices
  • Visible damage to a base

Should you imagine a slab leak, do not delay seeking skilled water leak detection and repair solutions. A fantastic plumber will immediately find your leak, make the lowest possible opening on your slab, finish the water leak fix, then restore your own slab.

Figure out if your regional Charlotte pipes performs slab leak detection and fixes.

Plumbers can utilize many different technologies and tools to locate water flows buried beneath ground, interior walls, and under concrete slabs.

These are just three commonly used escape detection tools:

  • These devices make it possible for plumbers to carefully
  • estimate a water flow's place before they start drilling or grinding.
  • Video Inspection Equipment

Little cameras make it possible for plumbers to find out what is happening inside plumbing. These devices are used to recover items such as car keys and wedding rings out of drainpipes. Measuring just how much cable went down the pipe prior to spotting the flow makes it possible for plumbers to correctly diagnose pipeline issues and figure out the flow location. This technology may reduce just how much of your lawn is dug up so as to track down and fix your leaky pipe.

Fixing aluminum, PVC, concrete, and cast-iron pipes involves different substances and techniques. Regardless of what your leaky pipe is constructed from, or where it is located, your very best plan of action would be to call an experienced plumber that performs specialist water leak fixes.

This is particularly true for hidden leaks. As time passes, unchecked water flows can lead to mold growth as well as structural damage. Finally, your high water bills is going to be the least of your concerns.

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