8 Greatest Bathroom Mold Prevention Tips in Charlotte

May 14, 2021
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Queen Plumbing Charlotte

Leaking is gross. It stinks, it's slimy, and it creates everything look worse. That includes areas like your bathroom. Once mold made its home in your bathroom, it'll be quite tricky for you to remove.

Working to keep mold from Growing at the first place is much simpler. Here are our eight finest bathroom mold prevention tips. These will help you keep Your House safe and healthy:

Install a correctly sized fan

A fan That's the right size For your bathroom sucks moisture build-up from the atmosphere and sends it out. There's a fairly straightforward calculation for determining the energy level of the fan you need to your personal bathroom: choose the square footage of your own room and multiply it by 1.1 when the ceiling is eight feet tall or 1.5 if the ceiling is nine feet tall. Compare it to the cubic feet per minute amount printed on the fan itself to determine the best match in Charlotte.

Really use the fan

Turn it around for a Brief while Until you apply the shower or bathtub and let it operate for at least thirty minutes then to make sure it properly removes all moisture from the area. It's less powerful if you wait to turn it on until after you've showered, so do your best to stay vigilant.

If you have tile, then reseal grout lines annually

Grout lines are a breeding Ground for bacteria, so making sure the grout sealer is substituted yearly will help them stay waterproof and, then, mold-proof.

Squeegee the interior of your shower after each use

Squeegee the walls within your shower or bath After every use. Manually removing that moisture in a region where it commonly lingers will keep that space fresh. When it comes to storing the squeegee, we recommend hanging it on a wall hook instead of letting it sit on the ground to help avoid extra mold.

Stay along with any escapes as they pop up Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte

Mold grows when there is Moisture to help sustain it. Moisture like everything you could find when flows are left unattended. If you become aware of your faucet dripping or water pooling under your toilet's p-trap, get it fixed immediately to prevent further problems later on.

Do not leave damp linens sitting out

Mold enjoys linens. They are an Ideal breeding ground for germs since they're fabric that could make pockets of darkness when consumed. Wash them weekly and store them in a clean, dry area to maintain them mold free (rather than stinky).

Invest into a mold-resistant shower curtain

They completely exist and are not prohibitively costly.

Keep your toilet bright and mild

Mold needs two things to truly thrive: moisture And darkness. The rest of the tips we've listed focus on handling the moisture, however it is possible to take another step in protecting your bathroom by maintaining things glowing also. If there are windows, then keep them noticed whenever you aren't using the commode. Pay attention to any dark corners in your bathroom so you can make sure mold does not grow there.

Follow these tips and your own Bathroom will be the clean, fresh sanctuary your family needs. For all Else, never hesitate to call the experts at Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte.