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Water Heater Repair

Getting Water Heater Repair Services

Are you experiencing either low water pressure or a lack of hot water? Be sure to call Queen Charlotte Plumbing. We offer the fastest and most accurate diagnosis of your water problems and swift repairs. You can contact us right now at 704-707-3339 to schedule immediate service.

Have you ever find yourself in the middle of taking a hot and relaxing shower after a long day of work only to find that the water turns ice cold in the middle of it? Unfortunately, when you have a water heater that requires repair, that can easily happen. Your water heater and its performance are crucial for your comfort. In a lot of cases, it can even be important for your safety. Here at Queen Charlotte Plumbing, we offer full-service for all of your hot water repair needs. We can diagnose, repair, and replace your broken or malfunctioning water heater and we make the entire process pain free.

Some Clear Signs You Need To Get Professional Water Heater Repair

In a lot of cases, you don't need to be any kind of professional plumber to determine if you need a water heater service. A lot of the clear and identifiable symptoms of needing water repair can include:

  1. Water Leaks - This is one of the most common and clear-cut examples of dealing with a water heater emergency. You will find a lot of leaks starting relatively small and unnoticeable. However, they can quickly spiral out of control and leak out gallons of water at a time. This can end up causing severe water damage and contributing to mold growth.
  1. High Energy Bills - If you are like a lot of other homeowners, you are likely well aware of how much you are paying for utilities. Because of this, it can be very easy to figure out when something is happening that shouldn't be. If you begin to notice significant increases in your water utilization and you haven't added people to your household, you are likely dealing with a faulty water heater.
  1. Very Little Or No Hot Water - If you have a tanked water heater sitting in your home, you have a capped capacity of hot water based on the size of your tank. However, if you find your family consistently running out of hot water out of nowhere, it could be caused by a water heater malfunction of sorts.
  1. Low Water Pressure - While it's likely to be more bothersome to completely run out of hot water, having low water pressure can be just as much of a problem. Having low water pressure can signify issues with your plumbing system including having clogged pipes or other problems. If you notice it's only occurring when you are running your hot water, it's very likely to be isolated to your water heater.
  1. Rust - This can be a big problem that can exacerbate health issues if left untreated. Your heater is in constant contact with water. Therefore, it is very likely to develop rust over time. You do not want to have to deal with rust water and severe rusting can lead to cracks and larger-scale issues in the future. At the first sign of rust, you should be calling professional help.

As the most reliable and reputable Charlotte plumbing contractors, we strive to offer the highest quality hot water repair services. We can help with all hot water issues and we pride ourselves on being able to get our clients back to living a comfortable life with hot water.

Our Charlotte Water Heater Repair Process

Here at Queen Charlotte Plumbing., we have over a decade of plumbing experience. This has helped us perfect our servicing. Not only do we have 24/7 availability, but we offer comprehensive inspections and detailed analysis. That way, you can get everything done and you will have peace of mind knowing that you won't have to deal with the issue in the future. We offer 100 percent satisfaction and we provide a guarantee on all of our work so you can rest easy.