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November 27, 2020
Why does my bathtub drain smell?

Shower drains may begin to smell for many common reasons. Mold or mildew might be growing under your drain cap. Your p-trap may be malfunctioning, allowing sewer gas to grow up through your plumbing. Or there might simply be hair or grime stuck in your shower drain strainer. Luckily, most of the reasons your shower […]

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November 20, 2020
Things To Do After Your AC Unit Won't Switch On Charlotte

To troubleshoot the reason your AC unit will not turn on, start by making sure its circuit has not tripped. Then make sure your thermostat is functioning properly. If it is, then proceed outside to check the condensate pump and the electric connections. Ultimately, consider testing the unit's double run capacitor. Once you've figured out […]

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November 13, 2020
What To Do If You Run Out of Toilet Paper on Charlotte

It's happening to millions people, throughout the nation. We're all stuck at home, we've got cabin fever, and we're all... using our own bathrooms more than normal. Then it happens. You finish off a roll of toilet paper, go to replace it, and find... nothing. Before you know it, you've used the last of your […]

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November 6, 2020
How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink in Charlotte

The best way of unclogging a clogged bathroom sink is dependent on what's clogging it. It's possible to flush soap scum clogs with vinegar and baking soda, for instance, while tweezing or plunging works better . Figuring out why your drain is clogged is the very best way to work out how to unclog it. […]

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October 30, 2020
How to Fix a Running Toilet Without Leaving Home in Charlotte

You've got a running bathroom for two reasons: Either water is leaking from the tank into the bowl, or the fill tube is refilling too much water to the tank, triggering its flow tube. You should be able to stop either problem immediately by adjusting the flapper, float, or tubes. Running toilets are normally easier […]

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October 22, 2020
Water Leak Detection Services

A leaky faucet or bathroom is clear to recognize and quite straightforward to repair. However, not all water flows are so simple. Leaks coming from buried pipes or plumbing concealed inside walls pose unique challenges. Do not dig up your lawn or have a sledgehammer to your toilet walls just yet! A slab escape is […]

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October 22, 2020
Pipes Repair Expert Home Plumbing Repair Service

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners fail essential plumbing repairs until there is a crisis. Whenever some plumbing problems might appear minor, they might be serious crises in the making. Regular repairs out of Queen Charlotte Plumbing are cheap, and they will save you from paying for emergency pipes rescue later on. Rather than waiting before […]

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