Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues to Look out for in Charlotte

April 15, 2022
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Queen Plumbing Charlotte

Thanksgiving has a reputation for being a great lazy holiday. You eat your own body weight in food and then spend the day"watching" football (read: napping). Sounds great, right? Well, if you have ever hosted Thanksgiving, nevertheless, you know that this standing could not be further from the reality. Thanksgiving is a lot of work for all parties involved. That includes your own plumbing.

Hosting family and friends in your home places your pipes under a lot of strain. All this fresh traffic is frequently the little push that makes a plumbing problem observable. Here are four very common post-Thanksgiving plumbing issues we encounter, and also what to do about them.

Clogged Kitchen Sinks

Easily the most frequent post-Thanksgiving plumbing problem, and one of the most bothersome. Just as you're washing a mountain of Thanksgiving dishes, then your own kitchen sink decides to stop draining. Nowadays you need to manage the clog before you can finish cleaning up the giant Thanksgiving mess.

Why It Happened

Kitchen sinks clog when you inadvertently pour stuff down the drain which does not belong there. Normally, the avoidance culprit is "FOG" or food stays --particularly on Thanksgiving. "FOG" stands for Fat, Oil, and Grease. When these waste products trendy, they solidify into a sticky, thick material. Whether this substance collects on your pipes, then it's going form a clog that is nasty.

In your hurry to clear things up, it's easy to throw things which don't belong to your sink disposal. Material like bones, coffee grounds, potato peels, eggshells, or celery shouldn't ever go down the drain. This substance can slow down or split the disposal or grab in the sink drain in Charlotte

.How to Fix It

Do not use chemical drain cleaners. They might help clear the clog, however they might also damage your pipes. Fortunately, there are a couple other easy solutions you could try. Obviously, you should start with plunging your sink. Run the cold water while you're stirring and utilize a cup plunger.

If plunging doesn't appear to do the trick, there are a few different things you could try. Boil some water to pour down the drain. If this does not help, try a vinegar and baking soda solution. You could also eliminate your disposal and p-trap and clean them out.

No Hot Water

If your nice, hot shower turns cold and not nice it could ruin your whole day. In case your in-laws' shower turns cold, it could ruin your whole week. This issue will not just affect your showers, either. You might have trouble getting hot water from some of your appliances.

Why It Happened

Most homes use standard water heaters. These heaters heat up water in a large tank until you require it. When you turn in your hot water, your pipes move hot water from this tank for you. The tank continuously refills with cold water. It requires time for the heater to reheat the water filling the tank.

Most water heater tanks are sized for the house they are installed in. When more people use your own water than normal, you'll obviously use more hot water. When that happens, you may use up all of the warm water faster than your tank may resupply it.

How to Repair It

Running out of hot water doesn't necessarily mean something's wrong with your heater. Consider executing a hot water schedule. Have one person shower at one time, and attempt to take shorter showers. It's a pain, but it beats the alternative.

Unfortunately, running from warm water can be a indication of water heater issues. If too much sediment builds up in your tank, it might block the heater. Try flushing your water heater to see if that helps. You may also try turning up the thermostat, though you ought to be careful not to flip it too large!

Clogged Toilets

It's easy to blame this one in your relatives, but you could really have a point! Similar to the other plumbing issues here, clogged toilets happen more frequently where there are lots of folks using them. Unfortunately, that's also exactly when they're in their most bothersome.

Why It Happened

A great deal of people do not follow"flushing etiquette." They flush too much toilet paperthey flush things they shouldn't, or they do not flush at all. When one or two individuals don't follow numbing ettique, it's not a massive thing. It may lead to some clog eventually, but that process occurs gradually.

When many people don't follow appropriate flushing etiquette, but it becomes a more significant problem. When you flush things which shouldn't be flushed, they do not always make it through the pipes all of the way. Rather, they get stuck a part of the way through. There, they amass other debris and eventually form a clog.

How to Fix It

To begin with, you'll need to dip the toilet or toilets in question. Use a flange plunger for best results. If your plunger does not appear to do the trick, consider incorporating almost-boiling water into the bowl. You could also try the baking soda and vinegar tip we described earlier.

To prevent clogs in the future, be careful about what you flush down the toilet. Toilets should only flush waste water and toilet paper. Even flushable wipes aren't always secure for flushing. Diapers, tampons, cotton balls, q-tips, and other toiletries are never flushable.

Thanksgiving is a chaotic time, particularly if you're hosting. In all likelihood, you're too busy spinning about seventeen distinct plates to worry much about your own plumbing. We do not blame you!

Luckily, even should you run into a plumbing problem that this Thanksgiving season, you're not alone. Only call Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte any time this season and we are going to be there to help. Leave the pipes material to us and return to that turkey (or the rest that accompanies it!) .