This Way Isn't My Air Conditioner Cooling Me Down in Charlotte?

May 28, 2021
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Queen Plumbing Charlotte

It's not just you. Your air conditioner is not always working, even if it seems like it's running. Dirty condensers or filters, damaged ductwork, or refrigerant leaks may all prevent your AC device from heating you correctly. If you don't feel as though your AC is cooling down you, trust your instincts.

Some AC unit issues are more prevalent than many others. If your AC unit is not cooling you down, consider investigating the following questions. Odds are, a bit routine maintenance or a quick fix will solve your problem. The next time you feel like you're melting into your own home, start asking yourself these questions:

Is the air conditioner filter dirty?

This is possibly the most common problem interfering with your AC device's function. Fortunately, it is also among the least difficult to fix! HVAC filters clean the air that circulates throughout your house by"catching" contaminants as they try to pass through. Air filters have two interelated and very important functions. To begin with, they keep the true air you're breathing in your house clean. Secondly, they keep the air in your AC unit clean.

When air filters catch contaminants drifting through the body, those contaminants stay about the filter. If contaminants keep building on the filter, then they'll start to block normal air flow. The dirtier the filter, the less air they will let ago. All of the cool atmosphere you should be enjoying gets trapped in your vents rather! A dirty filter can create your complete AC unit 5 to 10 percent less efficient on its own. Scrub your HVAC filter every 3 months. If it looks dirty or yellowed, replace it.

Is your air conditioner condenser unit cluttered Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte?

Your air conditioner cools your home by sucking on the hot air inside out to the condenser. Your air conditioner cools your home by sucking the hot air inside out to the condenser. The condenser pressurizes this hot air, forcing it back into its liquid state. "Condensing" the atmosphere this way forces it to release its latent heat out to the surroundings. The condenser's fans blow off this hot air out of the device and away from your property.

Your air conditioner's unit is situated outside of your house, so they naturally become dirty over time. When a lot of grime builds up on the condenser, it blocks the air flowing down onto the condenser coils. With no air leak, the condenser can't remove heat from your house as easily. Your entire AC system will operate more and less efficiently. Fixing the condenser unit could easily address your AC unit's heating issue. We can assist with that.

Are your HVAC ducts leaking?

Your HVAC duct system is exactly what really carries the atmosphere your AC unit produces into your home. After the condenser unit cools the air that moves through it, it shoots that air back into your home via the ducts. A network of different, interconnected ducts guide air to each individual area of your home. All these ducts must be airtight, so no air escapes before it reaches every vent in your home.

Unfortunately, air ducts aren't always airtight. If your ducts are worn or damaged, they may begin"leaking" the air your AC unit transfers through them. A number of the cold air which needs to be cooling your house is lost on its way to you. Look for signs of wear and tear in your home's duct system. You can fix the very small issues with duct tape (that is why it's called that)! For everything else, turn to the pros in Charlotte.

Is the air conditioner leaking errands?

Your air conditioner includes refrigerant, stored as a liquid inside an evaporator coil. As hot air moves over the copper coil, the refrigerant absorbs its heat and transforms into a gas. The device sends this gas outside to the condenser coils. The coils force the gas to release its heat outside and cool it back down to a liquid. When the refrigerant is liquid again, it contributes to the evaporator coil, and the process begins again.

You'll realize that your air conditioner does not actually eliminate any refrigerant at any point during this process. Your AC unit natrually recycles and re-uses all of the refrigerant it contains. Unfortunately, that also means if it starts losing refrigerant, it can't do its job correctly. Refrigerant can leak from several parts of the HVAC system, from the evaporator to the condenser to anyplace in-between. If you believe your HVAC is leaking refrigerant, give us a call straight away.

Hopefully, after answering these questions, you are going to understand what the problem is and the way to fix it. Give us a call, let us know what's wrong, and we'll fix it in no time. The bad news: there are also situations where you one of these four problems aren't your problem. Maybe you still do not know what your problem is.

The good news: that's not really a problem, either. Even if you don't understand exactly what your AC unit's difficulty is, you can call us any time. We'll be able to determine what's wrong and repair it just as fast. Next time that your AC unit refuses to collaborate with you, give Queen Charlotte Plumbing Charlotte a telephone. We are going to be certain you have a"cool" summer.